I'm a freelance illustrator living in New York City currently seeking new work opportunities. 

I studied painting at Boston University under greats like Hal Reddicliffe, Dana Clancy and Richard Raiselis. My first few years of instruction were heavily focused on the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and using archival materials. I worked as a Museum Ambassador at the MFA where I milled through the galleries, taking endless passes over my favorite works and making little studies. The program offered training from curators and opportunities to present talks on our favorite objects.

I transitioned from fine arts to illustration when I began designing flyers, t-shirts, and album covers for local bands. Fun facts about me: I volunteer at my local animal shelter, I play bass, and I like to write. 

Recently, I was hired to work on a group of ambitious watercolor paintings under the direction of Alexandre Singh. La Tour Bouchon was a dream to work on. It presented challenges like making architectural images and painting famous works in teeny tiny scale.



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